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Dozens of people literally pulled together trying to rescue a 14-foot great white shark that washed up on a Massachusetts beach.

The video shows about 100 people — police, lifeguards, wildlife experts, and vacationing beachgoers — working frantically to save the shark on Cape Cod’s Whitecrest Beach.

They created a pool around the shark and showered him with buckets of water to help him breath. Others dug a trench leading dozens of yards to the ocean.Shark-in-water-travelbagltd

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When the trench was finished, they tied a rope around the shark’s tail and together dragged the 2,000 pound great-white back into the sea.

Unfortunately, the heroic effort ended with the shark eventually dying in the water, but it was a dramatic show of humanity nonetheless.

Shark experts say it’s very difficult to save large sharks when they beach themselves, although an effort in July did save a 7-foot great white in Cape Cod.hammerhead shark screenshot Marcus Lakos WJTH

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That younger shark was tagged and has been spotted several times this summer off the coast.

(WATCH the video below) — Image from Robyn Schnaible on Vimeo

Cape Cod Great White Shark Rescue - Whitecrest Beach, Wellfleet from Robyn Schnaible on Vimeo.

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