While some parents might be celebrating a baby’s first steps, this mom is delighted to discover that her 15-month old daughter is probably going to be on American Idol one day.

Michelle Neely and her daughter were on the couch one day back in 2015 when the mother-of-three started singing “I love you”.

When she pauses to smile at her daughter Gemma Kate, the youngster glances at her mother before looking back at the camera and imitating her mother’s singing.

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Gemma Kate then repeats the little tune after her mother several more times – and each rendition is as adorable as the last.

The endearing video of the Arizona family’s exchange has wracked up 6 million views over the years – but it only serves to get even cuter with age.

(WATCH the video below)

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  1. Glad I saw this.
    I started singing the song, Silly Love Songs by Paul McCartney and Wings to my then 6 month old grandson.
    I took care of him a few day during the work week, so I sang it quite often to him.

    A week later, he too started singing, just the I love you part.
    My daughter didn’t believe me that he was doing so, until she witnessed it herself.

    I’ve been singing it to him ever since and I now sing it to his twin sister and brother.
    So far, they’re not into it as far as singing along.

    What a lovely keepsake to show her when she is older.

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