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Sometimes the smallest act of kindness can make a huge difference. That was the case at a rental car agency in Tulsa, Oklahoma last month.

After a hit-and-run accident left Coty Vincent in need of a rental car, she was forced to bring her two  twin babies along with her to fill out the paperwork.

Without a double stroller for her twin boys, she fully expected to spend an exhausting morning holding and entertaining both 11-month-old boys while attempting to rent a car.

That’s when John Goodlet, an Enterprise Rent-A-Car employee who had just started working at the new job, stepped in to help. He went above and beyond what was expected, scooping up one of her twins into his arms before starting to process Coty’s rental request.

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That small act of kindness prompted Coty to snap a photo to share with the world.

Her original caption on Facebook read, “One of the most compassionate and caring people I’ve ever met. We need more people like John who go that extra step. Be a John. #BeAJohn”

After she posted the photo, the story earned 250,000 likes, and moved people to share it more than 30,000 times.

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“As a mom of twins, simple gestures go a long way, so it was a great feeling that John recognized I needed help,” Coty says. “Without a blink of an eye, he just jumped in and said he could help hold one of the twins. The world needs more people like John.”

When asked why he took it upon himself to help Coty, John explained, “I’m a twin myself and it was instinctual. I understood she just needed somebody to help her out. I try to be a positive influence in the lives of anyone I meet, and I wanted her to have to do less work.”

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The former Oklahoma State University football player was amazed by the reaction. “I’ve never had this much attention, especially for just doing my job. I was a college athlete so I try to take the hard work it took on the football field and apply it in the branch. It’s really motivating to see people like who I am and what I do.”

Once Enterprise saw the post, their corporate team wanted to help, too. They gave Coty a much- needed double stroller as a thanks for sharing her experience and also gave John a gift card and a large donation to his favorite charity, The Boys and Girls Club.

We can all hope that someday when we are struggling, someone will #BeAJohn for us and go that extra mile.

(WATCH a video below) –Photo by Coty Vincent

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