It can’t be easy working as a delivery driver during the busy holiday season—which is why Kathy Ouma always makes sure to leave out some goodies for mail workers.

Despite how there is a basket of snacks and beverages on Ouma’s doorstep every year, one particular Amazon Prime delivery driver named Kareem Earl Reed III recently went viral for having the sweetest reaction to Ouma’s labor of love.

According to security footage from Ouma’s doorbell cameras, Reed can be seen dropping off some packages only to catch sight of the goodies and let out an exclamation of delight.

“Oh! This is nice!” says Reed. “They’ve left some goodies! Oh, this is sweet! Oh, wow! Get out of here. This is so nice!”

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The basket of snacks was adorned with a sign reading: “UPS, USPS, Amazon, FedEx: Please take some goodies to enjoy on your route. Thank you for making holiday shopping easy. The Ouma Family.”

After selecting a few treats for the road, Reed can even be seen doing a little happy dance as he is walking away from the house.

Since uploading the footage to Facebook last week, the video has been viewed more than 10 million times—and it’s not hard to see why.

(WATCH the adorable video below)

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