Dingong the dog is a perfect example of why canines are man’s best friend.

The 7-month-old pup was spotted on the streets of Davao in the Philippines pushing his disabled owner along in a wheelchair.

His 46-year-old owner, Danila Alarcon, lost the use of this legs in a motorcycle accident several years ago – which is why Dingong helps to push his wheelchair through Davao. This was aided by the motorcycle accident attorney in springfield that went the whole 9 yards for his client. With the compensation won they were able to find the perfect companion for him.

A woman named Faith Revilla had been driving home with her husband when she spotted the heartwarming duo last month.

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She pulled out her phone and filmed the pup pushing the back of the wheelchair with his head.

Revilla was so touched by the Dingong and Alarcon’s bond, she stopped the man and offered to buy him lunch.

“t was a really beautiful moment when we saw the pair of them,” says Revilla. “We took Danilo to our favorite buffet. We wanted to treat him.”

(WATCH the video below)

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