When an Indian man saw that an animal was in trouble, he turned to technology as a means of rescuing it from its plight.

27-year-old Milind Raj was taking a morning walk through Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh when he says that he heard a whimpering animal.

He looked into a nearby drain only to see that a puppy had gotten itself stuck amidst the trash and slime. Based on the drain’s condition, Raj believed that it would be too dangerous for any humans to maneuver the structure.

“The drain was so filthy, it was like a bog,” Raj told NDTV. “It was not possible for a human to rescue the puppy without endangering their own life, so I decided to put technology to the task.”

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Raj, who makes a living out of building robots, then rushed to his lab and attached an AI-controlled bionic arm to a massive drone. After just 6 hours of tinkering, he brought the finished drone back to the drain to attempt a rescue.

With the engineer piloting the machine from outside the area, the drone flew into the drain and scooped up the puppy with the bionic arm. Since the arm had built-in sensors, he was able to exert just the right amount of pressure to safely pluck the pup from the drain and gently place it back down on the street.

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Luckily, a local passerby was walking down the street when the rescue occurred. Stunned by the strange site of a puppy being picked up by a drone, she whipped out her phone to take a video which has garnered praise for Raj’s creative rescue.

The engineer has since adopted the puppy and aptly named it “Lifted”.

(WATCH the incredible rescue below)

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