With the Christmas season comes Christmas shopping – and while some parents might be used to playing Santa, others might not have the hang of it.

In spirit of the holiday madness, Jordan Watson did an amusing series of imitations based on how different dads do their holiday shopping.

Watson, who is a father of two from Auckland, New Zealand, is no stranger to the trials of parenting – he is the star behind the hilarious YouTube channel “How to Dad”: a video series dedicated to the struggles of being a confused parental figure.

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From the “No Clue” dad who doesn’t know what he is doing, to the “Pretend it’s For Her, But Really it’s For You” dad, and – of course – the “Big Kid” dad who insists on buying the newest LEGO Star Wars play sets for himself.

Despite his mad methods, Watson is sure to reassure his viewers at the end of the clip that no Christmas gifts were harmed in the making of this video.

(WATCH the video below)

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