Sir Paul McCartney delighted hundreds of Beatles fans last week when he returned to his hometown of Liverpool for a special nostalgia tour of all the old hotspots.

The visit was in lieu of a brand new episode of “Carpool Karaoke” featuring James Corden from The Late Late Show. Throughout the 23-minute show, Corden and McCartney chat and joke about what it was like to be in the Beatles, how McCartney wrote some of his songs, and how it feels to think about the old days.

As the tour starts off, the former Beatle fittingly joins the talk show host for “Baby You Can Drive My Car” before the trip eventually leads them into a rousing rendition of “Penny Lane”, which they sing as they simultaneously visit some of the spots that are mentioned in the song, including the barbershop. Not surprisingly, the stylist working at the shop is stunned to see McCartney standing on her doorstep.

At about 4:50 into the video, McCartney explains his heart-wrenching inspiration behind the song “Let It Be”, which they proceed to sing, bringing Corden to tears.

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By 7:20, the duo stops at McCartney’s childhood home where the singer reminisces about his time spent playing there and growing up with the other Beatles.

McCartney and Corden manage to escape the crowd of fans gathered outside the home before crooning along to “Blackbird” and cracking some jokes about the Beatle outfits.

Since McCartney appeared on the show to promote his new album, Egyptian Station, which is available for pre-order before its release in September, he gives a sneak peek of one of the new songs at 14:23.

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Finally, to close out the sweet and surreal karaoke segment at 15:43, McCartney sneaks onto the stage of an old Liverpool pub where the Beatles used to play. When a patron is encouraged to select a song on the jukebox, the curtains open to reveal McCartney and his band playing “A Hard Day’s Night” – and the customers are overwhelmed with joy and surprise.

The band plays a few oldies, attracting dozens of fans from outside, before finally finishing the set with “Hey Jude”; an experience that nobody will soon forget.

(WATCH the video below)

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