This adorable little bear cub had never felt grass beneath his paws before he was recently rescued from a dark basement enclosure in Kosovo.

Someone had been keeping the cub as a pet, which is against the law – but after he was transported to his new home, he finally got the chance to roam free and experience the joys of nature.

The rescue was carried out by animal welfare group Four Paws International and the Kosovo authorities before he was brought to the Bear Sanctuary Prishtina. This specialized sanctuary is already home to many bears who were saved from neglectful conditions.

“We thank Ministry of Environment and Agency for Environment Protection for the trust in our professionalism to continue with the right treatment for the cub,” said Afrim Mahmuti, who manages the Bear Sanctuary Prishtina.

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After a through medical examination to make sure that the cub was in good health, it was time to let him explore the sanctuary grounds. Being able to run through the grass at the sanctuary and feel the sun on his face, it’s easy to tell that the cub is loving his new home.

Four Paws International will care for the cub for at least the next six months until he matures into adolescence. At that time, it will be decided if the bear can be released into the wild – but until then, it seems he is perfectly happy bouncing around the sanctuary, eager to explore his new home.

(WATCH the video below)

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