It had been almost 60 years since Patrick McKay had driven in his dream car car

McKay, who first immigrated from Ireland to America in the 1950s, worked full-time as a bus driver. The Irishman knew Upon deciding that he wanted to drive a more suave set of wheels, he stashed away all of his money until he could buy the ultimate automobile: a 1956 Nash Ambassador.

It was the car that would be there for every joyous milestone in McKay’s life. The Nash would impress his wife-to-be on their first date; it would then take them on their honeymoon; and it would be the star in dozens of family vacations.

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When a friend was in need of a car, however, McKay was nudged into selling the Nash for $75. The friend ended up crashing the car, and for all of the years to come, McKay would refer to the Nash as “the one that got away”.

Upon turning 84 years old, McKay started succumbing to the effects of dementia. As his health declined, his family began to wonder whether it was possible to fulfill his last wish and reunite him with his lost automotive love.

Thanks to a little help from automotive company Classic Cars, McKay was surprised with one last ride in a blue 1956 Nash Ambassador just before he passed away.

(WATCH the heartwarming video below)

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