Even though it involved some daring stunts, these bunnies weren’t sheepish about hitching a ride to safety.

Extreme weather on the South Island of New Zealand became particularly dangerous this weekend when record-breaking floods caused a state of emergency and mass evacuations.

64-year-old Ferg Horne was checking up on his neighbor’s sheep on Saturday night when he found that the flock had fled to safety at the top of the hill.

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When he got closer to the sheep, however, he saw something strange: three bunnies had hopped on the backs of two separate sheep in order to escape the water below.

While rabbits are considered pests by most farmers in New Zealand, Horne decided to leave the rabbits alone as a reward for their resilience.

“I’ve never seen anything like it, they were just sitting there keeping out of the water, they must have got to the high spot and then jumped up on to the back of the sheep to stay dry,” Horne told the Guardian. “It shows you how resilient they are and why they survive so well.”

(WATCH some of his wooly video below)

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