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Dave had spent years putting money away so he could restore his favorite automobile to working condition: a white 1973 Porsche 914.

That is, until he met Kristin Russell’s mom and spent every dime of his savings on their wedding, leaving his beloved car gutted for parts.

Years passed and eventually Kristin becomes a grown woman who wants to give back to the stepdad that was always there for her by tracking down a replacement of his dream Porsche.

After countless searches, the determined daughter finally finds a model in Arizona and she starts on a cross-country mission from her home in California to pick up the car and bring it to a mechanic near her parent’s in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for Father’s Day.

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Kristin starts by giving Dave a card explaining how grateful she is to have him in her life – then she has someone rev the vehicle’s engine outside.

When the lucky stepdad walks outside, he doesn’t realize the car is his right away – but when he does, he can’t believe it.

(WATCH the beautiful surprise below)


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