It has been 13 years since the Michelin-star rating system came to the United States – but the prestigious three-star rating was only recently bestowed upon a female head chef in an American kitchen.

Back in late November, Dominique Crenn became the first woman to receive the Michelin three-star rating for leading an American kitchen.

Crenn is the head chef behind the Atelier Crenn restaurant in San Francisco, California. She received her two Michelin stars back in 2013, just two years after she opened the restaurant.

According to the Eater, there are roughly 120 restaurants around the world that have been given the 3-star rating – and only five of them are run by women.

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The French-born Crenn says that she often receives emails from aspiring young female chefs who express their appreciation for her work – and she says that her third Michelin star is just as much a milestone for her fans as it is for her.

“I’ve said in the past the star doesn’t define me – what defines me is what I do with it,” Crenn told NBC News a week after receiving the exciting news. “I really work hard to make sure that people look at me as being a cook — not look at me as being a woman.

“It doesn’t matter what gender we are, we can do it too,” she added with a smile. “Maybe better sometimes.”

(WATCH the interview below) – Photo by Dominique Crenn

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