walking-for-water.jpgAll throughout December, high school students walked to school in the frigid Minnesota temperatures (zero degrees) to symbolically “walk in the shoes of thirsty children” who have no clean water access near their homes, and to raise money to do something about it.

“The Wayzata Walk for Water, initiated by three Wayzata High students, kicked off a districtwide effort to raise enough money to provide an elementary school in the Philippines with a water system.” 

Demonstrating the power of students to get involved to help solve  global problems, the teens walked nearly 2 miles to school each day symbolizing the many miles that children have to walk for water. They are raising funds to support a water project for a partner school in the Philippines that does not have access to safe drinking water or sanitation, much like 50% of schools in the developing world.

Their walking was inspired by the non-profit organization, H2O for Life and their school-to-school matching program . Last year there were 16 schools involved in the program, raising money for wells around the world, while this year there are over 100 schools active. To learn more about how it works you can visit www.h2oforlifeschools.org.

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