insulation-foam-soy-basedWith all the focus on Solyndra and the attacks on green jobs from the Right, the mainstream media have completely overlooked the explosive success of the weatherization assistance program (WAP) funded almost exclusively by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, say Jorge Madrid and Adam James, from the Center for American Progress.

“By the end of ARRA’s three-year lifespan next March, the WAP will almost double the number of homes upgraded in the first year of the program — bringing the total number of energy efficiency projects to 720,000.

“Not only has the WAP created jobs desperately needed in the construction industry, it also provides a boost for American manufacturing and small businesses.

“Over 89% of the materials used in home retrofits are made right here in America. And 91% of the firms engaged in retrofit activities are small businesses employing less than 20 people.

“These weatherization services have saved families an average of more than $400 in energy costs during the first year.”

(READ the full article in ThinkProgress)

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