A special story submitted to GNN by Megan Haas:

We lost my husband a few years ago, and there was a very special Weezer beanie that he and my son shared. (Well, it was my husband’s, but our son stole it every chance he got.)

When we lost Scott, it was the only thing Colin wanted to hang on to. Unfortunately, we moved shortly after, and the beanie was misplaced. Colin was devastated. I spent the next 2+ years trying to locate it, or a replacement.

I wasn’t having any luck, so I took to Facebook. The post was shared all over the world, and then a woman named Lisa saw it and set out on a mission of love for a total stranger.

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She was the administrator of the Weezer fan club page and she rallied Weezer fans from all over the world.

They all sent in different band related items to include in a care package to Colin. The treasure trove included a replacement beanie that was found in Canada.

When Colin opened that package it was the most emotional thing I’ve ever witnessed. He put that beanie on immediately—and slept in it that night.

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Our local news station in Kingston, Pennsylvania even did a story on it, and sites like Scary Mommy and The Epoch Times ran articles as well.

I have always taught my children that kindness is a boomerang, the more you give the more you get, this was proof of that.


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