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This little pup in a wheelchair, known for her precious flower crown, is enjoying life with the confidence of a superstar. Daisy joins a doggy brigade of those who have found Instagram fame despite a dark past full of abandonment.

And now, while rocking her ribbon crown, Daisy celebrates her fifth birthday with more than 127,000 followers. The pup nearly missed seeing any birthdays because she was almost euthanized.Lexi rescue dog-wheels-poshpets-rescue

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According to her owner Sheena Main, Daisy was abandoned on the street as a puppy – most likely because she suffers from a congenital leg deformity, which makes it challenging for her to move around. An animal officer found her and put her in an animal shelter. After being there for two months, euthanization was next, until Sheena adopted her–just in time.

With her adorable “smile” under-bite and wheelchair to get around, cute Daisy captures the attention of everyone who sees her.


Although caring for dog can be challenging, Daisy has become Sheena’s hero. “Daisy’s positive attitude has helped me to stay positive and be patient,” she told Huffington Post. “Her joy for life never ceases to inspire me and I can never repay Daisy for what she has given me.”

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#tbt to the first time we put Daisy in her wheels vs now 😃#underbiteunite

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Photo Credit: Sheena Main

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