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New York City’s favorite roll-models are getting ready to take Fifth Avenue in Sunday’s Easter Parade, putting their best wheels forward to raise awareness for special needs rescue pets everywhere.

Modeling her new Easter dress, Little Miss Lexi (pictured above) will join the parade, with her adoptive sister Pumpkin, as representatives of Posh Pets Rescue, the nonprofit that took them in and helped them heal. Their message is clear: Adopt, Don’t Shop—and consider special needs and senior rescue dogs when you do.

William Lets It All Hang Out on the Couch
William Lets It All Hang Out on the Couch

Making his debut for the first time is William (left), a rear-wheeler who has just joined the pack. The jury is still out on whether he will dress up his diaper to the nines, but he is looking forward to a better life than the one he had, which, unfortunately, led to his being dropped off in a cardboard box outside of Animal Care & Control here in NYC. He is currently looking for a new forever home, and is enjoying his foster family’s company until then.

The three dogs have a lot in common. Little Miss Lexi, a 20-month-old front wheeler, was put up on Craigslist after being born with deformed front limbs, and Pumpkin, an 8-year-old rear wheeler was found in Brooklyn with a broken back. After being brought to the foster home of Mary Fayet to be fitted for their “wheels,” it became very clear that the “temporary”arrangement would become permanent.

Today, Little Miss Lexi can be seen steering, breaking, and otherwise maneuvering around the streets of Manhattan on her way to work with Mary.

Many dogs like Lexi and Pumpkin enter the Posh Pets Rescue in bad shape and in need of serious medical care—but by the time they are placed for adoption, they are nursed back to health, vaccinated, and given a stylish new look.

Miss Lexi and Pumpkin Are Really Over This Cold Weather.
Miss Lexi and Pumpkin Are Really Over This Cold Weather.

Lexi’s posh life is not without its challenges. Firstly, she is still trying to convince Mary to let her sleep in the “big bed” (because she likes to roll around and bounce, they’re worried she’s going to fall off). Second, she sometimes ends up wearing the same outfit to work as her colleagues (last week’s purple checkered shirt incident was almost impossible to live down). Lastly, while attempting to show off, she tends to tip over in her cart.

Lexi’s shaky work ethic is also well documented on Twitter, where she taunts the rest of us by wearing pajamas to work, freely checking Facebook, and napping on her desk.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Lexi herself, who serves as the Posh Pets Rescue’s Director of Pup-lick Relations.

To follow their daily adventures, check out Little Miss Lexi and Pumpkin on Facebook.

If you’re interested in adopting William, please contact Linda at Posh Pets Rescue.

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