It is not the dastardly acts that define this community – it is the kindness that reportedly follows.

The Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial was vandalized earlier this week with hateful graffiti. While Boise police investigate the incident, however, one city resident is stepping up to help.

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Dena Gray may be a Christian woman, but she was still mortified by the anti-Semitic language used on the memorial. So when the Wassmuth Center for Human Rights gave a $20,000 estimate for the repairs, Dena was happy to pick up the bill.

“When I finally saw a figure that they said it was going to take, I jumped on it. I had the money to do it and I thought what better place to spend it?” Gray told KTVB. “You can’t sit back and let things like this happen or you’re just going to end up in a mess, and I just felt that somebody’s got to do something.”

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