This couple was so excited about winning a raffle, they donated an ambulance to their local hospital; which the woman was then rescued by 3 months later.

Beryl Good and her husband Doug were ecstatic about winning the raffle at St. John hospital’s in Warkworth on the North Island of New Zealand. The two celebrated their luck by further donating a new $180,000 ambulance to the hospital in November.

3 months later, Beryl slipped on her newly-painted front porch and broke her radius.

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71-year-old Beryl had never ridden in an ambulance before; so when she saw the emergency vehicle – fondly named Dobegoo as a combination of Beryl and Doug’s names – she was amazed.

“My husband (86) and I have never needed an ambulance but we always knew how important they were, especially with how fast our community is growing. It was a joke really when Dobegoo turned up,” Beryl told Stuff. “When I got picked up I was surprised it had already done 32,000km.”

(WATCH the video below)


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