This woman was heartbroken to discover that she had left her wallet in a Walmart shopping cart last week – but she soon became overjoyed when a family returned it to her with everything still inside.

Shayna Keliiholokai was shopping at the Walmart in Kapolei, Hawaii last Friday when her husband returned their cart to the store, not realizing that Shayna’s wallet was still in one of the compartments.

Thirty minutes later, Shayna realized her mistake and drove back to the store, hoping that the wallet would still be inside the cart. Her heart sank when it was nowhere to be found.

Not only did the wallet contain hers and her children’s medical cards, but it also contained $1,612 in rent money.

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Then she received a message on Facebook from a couple saying that their son had found her wallet and they wanted to meet up and return it. When they all arrived at the Walmart later that evening, the family had her wallet – and everything was still inside.

“They returned everything to me!” says Shayna. “I tried to give them $100 for returning my things to me and they refused to take it. I begged them to let their son spend the $100 in Walmart and they still refused.”

“So we exchanged phone numbers and I have new amazing friends!”

(WATCH the video below)


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