Up until this month, the only thing these community members had in common was that they “lived on the same street” – but now they’ve come together, thanks to a newborn baby boy.

Ann-Kathryne Lassègue was at her home in Gatineau, Quebec when she began feeling contractions. Knowing that her unborn child wasn’t due for few weeks, she assumed that it was false labor. The contractions then started getting more severe, so she asked her husband, George-Phillipe Jean, to take her to the hospital just in case the birth was actually commencing.

It was – and they didn’t even make it to the hospital. Instead, Lassègue was walking out of her front door when she screamed in pain, grabbed onto her husband, and the newborn infant fell out onto the pavement.

Stunned by the sudden delivery, Lassègue took one look at the baby and thought it to be dead. The distressed mother passed out unconscious while the couple’s frightened 2-year-old daughter started to wail. Jean, with the premature baby in his arms, cried for help – and help immediately came.

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One of the neighbors across the street heard the yells, dialed 911, and ran over to assist the couple. Another neighbor who was alerted to the crisis took it upon himself to start comforting the 2-year-old daughter. Another community member moved one of the vehicles on the street to make way for the ambulance.

During the next five minutes before paramedics arrived, an emergency dispatcher guided the concerned neighbors by telephone through the procedure for tying off the umbilical cord and caring for the mother and baby.

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Lassègue and her newborn son were taken to the hospital, and both of them were declared healthy.

The couple says that the experience has restored their faith in humanity and brought their community together.

“The only thing we have in common is that we live on the same street. But at that specific point it was like it was a big family, it was the human community,” Jean told CBC. “It’s the human basic instinct that came out. There was no immigration, no where do you come from, no black or white, just a human being trying to help another human being.”

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