Canadians really are just as kind as they’re fabled to be.

When Salma Hamidi was leaving the Finch Subway Station in North York, Ontario, an anxious Latino man entered the car, put his head in his hands, and nervously started saying “Oh God.”

“The Russian guy sitting beside him asked if everything was ok, in a pretty heavy accent,” Salma said in a Facebook post. “He said he has a horrible headache and is running late for an interview.”

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Salma offered him an Advil out of her purse, which he accepted with a word of thanks. Since he had nothing to wash it down with, however, he said he would take it later.

“The Middle Eastern woman sitting beside me wearing a hijab, took out a juice box from her kid’s backpack and gave it to him telling him that if he takes it now he’ll feel better by the time he gets to the interview.”

The Russian man started advising him to walk confidently and tie his hair back, if he could. A Chinese teenager sitting nearby overheard his remark and handed the Latino a hair tie from off of her wrist.

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“I told him if he gets in late, to apologize but not bring excuses. Nobody likes excuses. The Muslim lady told him to smile a lot, people trust easier when you smile.”

When the man’s stop finally came, he exited the car and his fellow passengers all waved and wished him good luck.

“Now if THIS isn’t the ultimate Canadian experience short of a beaver walking into a bar holding a jar of maple syrup, I don’t know what is!”

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