The Netherlands – SWNS.

These breathtaking photos have all been selected as some of the world’s best photos depicting the color blue.


Bagan, Myanmar – SWNS

The pictures have all been entered into the Agora Images competition for the World’s Best Photos of #Blue2019.


Myanmar – SWNS

These images are just a few of the 50 finalists in the competition, who were selected out of 17,554 submissions.


Spain – SWNS

Judges will soon be voting on who will be the winner of the international competition and its $1,000 prize on November 21st.


Underwater cave in Java, Indonesia – SWNS

“It can be easy to forget how manifold our world is when we live our everyday lives,” said a spokesperson for Agora Images.


Workers in Vietnam harvesting salt at night to avoid sun exposure – SWNS

“Taking a step back and noticing the all the different people, places, and animals we live alongside with can show us just how bright the world can really be.


A foggy morning in Mastershausen, Germany – SWNS

“With the launch of #Blue, photographers were given the opportunity to interpret the contest in any way they wished, which resulted in a wide range of colorful subjects and scenic images.


An eye-catching aerial shot from Jersey, UK – SWNS

“Whether it is in the depths of the ocean or looking up at the night sky, each photographer presents their own version of of what #Blue means to them.”


Queensland, Australia – SWNS

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