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Seven decades, a World War, and 10,000 miles couldn’t keep this couple from celebrating Valentine’s Day together.

Norwood Thomas was a 21-year-old American paratrooper in Britain when he met and fell in love with Joyce Morris, a Londoner, during World War II. He parachuted into France on D-Day, and though he wrote to her several times, they never saw each other again — until this week.

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In one of his letters, Thomas asked Joyce to marry him, but she misunderstood, thought he was marrying someone else, so stopped writing him.

Now 88, Joyce enlisted one of her sons to use the Internet to track down the paratrooper, and the search led to an article about D-Day veterans in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

The two reconnected on Skype – and thanks to a crowdfunding campaign that raised the money, the lost lovers will reunite in person after seventy years.

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The American vet boarded a flight to Adelaide, Australia, where Joyce now lives, and will spend the next two weeks with his wartime girlfriend.

“We’re going to have a wonderful fortnight,” Morris told Channel 10’s The Project.

(WATCH the video from 5 News below and READ more at the Associated Press) — Photo: 5 News

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