Young brainiacs from all over the country are convening at the nation’s capital for President Barack Obama’s final White House Science Fair.

The event will be the 6th and final science fair since it’s creation at the start of Obama’s administration. He said that if Americans take the time to honor sports heroes and athletes, we should give the same amount of attention to academics and science.

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Kids from grades K-12 are featuring creations that address everything from climate change, to human safety, to poverty, to just plain fun – whether it’s 3D-printed toys or a robot built to traverse dangerous coal mines, this clever group of youths have pulled out all the stops.

“We look forward to celebrating their ingenuity and entrepreneurship,” said White House officials in a statement, “not just in this moment, but as we look toward a future where they’ll be the scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and innovators who stand to change the world.”

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The unanimous vote for favorite science fair moment remains the year Obama teamed up with a 14-year-old to fire a marshmallow cannon across the State Dining Room.

“This is great!” exclaimed Obama, as the two pumped the machine. “The Secret Service is not too happy right now.”

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