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Hello, all you RSS subscribers and bloggers who have been using my Most Popular (FREE) News Section for content curation or headline scanning. You...
payphone redesign NYC

You can still see more than 10,000 coin-operated phones around New York City today. What seems a relic of the past in this age...
homeless man reunited with sis-NBC

Billy Ray Harris, the Missouri homeless man who returned the engagement ring dropped in his donation cup by mistake, now has a part-time job,...
Angelight Films winged girl

Angelight Films is a non-profit production company that gives children with brain and spinal cord tumors the opportunity to express themselves by creating and...
Israel to Iran We Love You

Barack Obama talked a lot about peace during his recent trip to Israel and Palestinian cities. Meanwhile, social networks in those countries are actually...
Ron Finley, guerilla garder of LA - Cal Endowment

A Los Angeles-based fashion designer is starting an urban garden revolution in his neighborhood in South Central Los Angeles. Instead of vacant lots --...
dog reunited after 2 yrs - Oprahvid

When Alma Dominguez’s beloved dog, Leia, went missing from El Paso, Texas, during a rainstorm, Alma and her husband, Alberto, were devastated. The couple...
cancer cells illustration

A treatment that genetically alters a patient’s own immune cells to fight cancer has, for the first time, produced remissions in adults with an...
cop good deed FB photo blurry

A North Carolina policeman is winning kudos for stopping on a rainy cold day to pick up a mom who was braving the weather...
Pizza delivery on Delta flight

Bad weather in Atlanta forced a flight to end up on a tarmac for three hours after major delays, but the passengers had a...

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