Everybody says that dogs are man’s best friend, but we beg to differ.

In celebration of International Cat Day, we have put together our top ten favorite stories of cat heroes, heartwarming furry friendships, and feline shenanigans.

So without any ado, here is a list of the best GNN cat stories for this hallowed day of feline fervor.

Photo by Sc4s2cg

1) Mysterious Cat Rescues Injured Tourist From Swiss Mountains

An injured Hungarian tourist would have had to spend a frosty night in the mountains if it hadn’t been for this friendly little feline leading him to safety.

The hiker had sprained his ankle on one of the many mountain trails of the Bernese Oberland in Gimmelwald, Switzerland. The path that led back to his hostel had just been closed, leaving him lost and stranded in the Alps.

That’s when a black and white cat crossed his path.

2) Watch Amusing Video of Two Cats Trying to Pass Each Other Atop a Narrow Doorframe

Most people have become familiar with the cat mantra, “If it fits, I sits.” But what about trying to fit on top of a narrow doorframe?

Well, that’s exactly what these two Siamese cats were caught doing in the most recent feline video to charm the internet.

3) This Photo of an Old Man and His Kitten Made Everyone’s Day

We have no idea who this man was, where he was going, or why he was carrying a kitten in his arms—all we know from this image is that he may be the happiest man ever to ride a bus.

4) Looking For a Purrrrfect Road Trip Destination? Visit American Museum of the House Cat

Are you a fan of cats? Are you a fan of art and novelties? Then boy, do we have the place for you.

The American Museum of the House Cat in Sylva, North Carolina is exactly what it sounds like: a quirky roadside attraction containing over 10,000 artifacts, art pieces, novelties, and products devoted to the domesticated house cat.

5) Watch Cat Take Drastic Action to Stop Her Human From Singing About Her in the Bathtub

Some people enjoy singing in the shower—but not Pepé the cat.

Pepé apparently hates when her owner Brad Johnsen sings in the bathtub—and that is exactly why he posted a hilarious Youtube video of himself doing just that.

Photo by Mary Johnston

6) Cat Hailed as Hero After Saving Trapped Neighbor

Ivy the cat received global attention back in 2017 after she saved her neighbor from an injury that he had sustained from fixing his garage door.

7) Man Creates Elaborate Cardboard Castle to Reconcile With His Cat – and It Worked

Back in 2018, Billy Browne published a Youtube video explaining how he had been forced to give ear drops to his cat Rufus as a means of treating a nasty ear infection.

Unfortunately, the drops were quite painful and Rufus was less than reluctant to endure the 2-week treatment.

So as a means of reconciling with his beloved feline, Browne built him a castle out of his cardboard boxes. The best part? Rufus actually defied typical feline stereotypes and loved the elaborate fort.

8) US Embassy Apologized for Accidental Mass-Mailing of Invitation for ‘Cat Pajama-Jam Party’

Everybody makes mistakes—even international ambassadors, judging by the contents of an amusing email that was sent out by the US Embassy in Australia back in October.

Social media users were marveling over the email that was sent out by the embassy containing an image of a cat dressed in a Cookie Monster costume holding a plate of pastries. The subject line of the email simply read: “Meeting,” while the image was coupled with an RSVP tab and a caption saying “cat pajama-jam party.”

9) One Cat’s Obsession With Hunting Birds Leads to Invention That Has Saved Hundreds of Thousands

Cats kill a staggering number of birds in the U.S. every year—estimated to be in the billions—but one feline’s affinity for hunting them has inadvertently led to the salvation of hundreds of thousands of other feathered prey.

10) Confident Cat Leaps With Bed in Mouth and Lands Perfectly in Napping Position

In a video that has been shared across the internet, a feline can be seen perched atop of a cabinet in a veterinary office with a kitty bed clutched in its mouth.

With the fearlessness of a trained athlete, the cat jumps from the cabinet onto a table below—and lands perfectly inside of the bed.

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