diamond rings on finger-9NewsvideoAfter accidentally flushing them down the toilet, a sewer crew went out of their way to help a Colorado woman recover a pair of valuable diamond rings that were an 18th birthday gift from her late father.

Worth $10,000 and seemingly lost, the rings were miraculously located downstream in the sewer system.

What were the chances of finding the ring? “Slim to none,” said one of the city workers from the North Table Mountain Water Department in Golden.

But they set a trap anyway, a good distance from her home, and shot some water down to try to flush them out.

A grateful Gail Wilkerson said, “They could have given up. They didn’t have to go to extra lengths.”

They were unable to accept any cash for their help, so Gail is sending them an edible fruit bouquet and some cookies as a thank you gift.

(WATCH the video below or read the story from KUSA-TV 9 News)

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