When a frightened pup escaped from a car collision and started sprinting down a Houston highway, almost every passing driver knew what they had to do.

More than 20 motorists stopped their cars and put on their hazard lights in order to try and help rescue the dog in Houston, Texas.

Witnesses say that the dog had escaped from its owner’s vehicle following a crash further up the highway. Though several Good Samaritans got close to grabbing the pup’s leash, it would get scared and run back down the road.

It took a team of determined drivers working together to corner the dog before someone could finally get a hold of its leash and keep it in place long enough to calm it down.

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Toby Tinelli, who is the man responsible for the video of the rescue, worked with his wife to get a bowl of water for the dehydrated pup until it could be reunited with its owner.

No one confirmed the name of the dog’s owner, but he was apparently quite relieved to discover that his dog was safe, although the pup had sustained some scratches on its paws from stepping on broken glass.

Tinelli now says that the rescue is an example of Houston’s humanity at its finest.

“Everybody was on the same page,” he told WMTW. “It seemed like it was really like a team-oriented thing because everybody at the same time slowed down and put flashers on and the first thing everyone cared about was taking care of that dog.”

(WATCH the news coverage below)

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  1. Finally, a compassionate animal story coming out of Texas! Sincere, heartfelt thank you’s to all of the wonderful, compassionate heroes who took the initiative to help this innocent animal in distress 💖🐶

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