The old saying “girls rule, boys drool” may not be exactly true, but these four young females are making a huge difference in their communities despite their age.

From providing supplies to the local homeless people or promoting literacy amongst fellow youngsters, these girls are kicking butt in ways that some adults may never achieve.

So in honor of International Women’s Month, here’s some of the most impressive girls on GoFundMe today.

4. Send 100 Girls to See Hidden Figures

13-year-old Taylor Richardson was blown away when she saw a screening of the film “Hidden Figures” at the White House.

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Inspired by Michelle Obama’s speech about the importance of education, Taylor created a GoFundMe page to send 100 kids in her community to see the film and receive a copy of the book.

The outpouring of donations was better than she could have imagined – the campaign surged past her original goal of $2,600, raising almost $20,000 in total. Taylor was able to send 800 children all along the East coast to see Hidden Figures. Additionally, the surplus of donated finances is being used to send two children to Space Camp in Jacksonville, Florida.

3. Help Khloe Make A Difference

10-year-old Khloe Thompson created a GoFundMe page to finance “Khloe Kares”, an organization that orchestrates community service projects.

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The campaign raised over $17,000, which is helping Khloe with a toy drive for homeless children; create hand-sewn bags of supplies for homeless women in the community; and organize future volunteering events with her charity.

“I believe that love is a blessing, and that’s why I love to do things for other people, and help people in need,” says Khloe.

2. Feminine Products for CSA-New Tech

Erin Bailey noticed that there were never feminine hygiene products available at her high school, Columbus Signature Academy in Columbus, Indiana.

The only way a student could get sanitary napkins or tampons was to visit the school nurse who charged a fee for the products.

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So for the last two years, Erin has paid for baskets of feminine hygiene products with her own money. The teen only recently created a GoFundMe page to help pay for the products, raising over $2,200 in one month.

“I’m asking for donations to help keep this up and running for students who during their periods, rely on this service,” writes Erin. “Anything helps! The money raised from this will go towards purchasing feminine products so that they will be free and available to the girls in our school!”

“If you are a woman or know one who knows what it is like to start your period and not be prepared please help this get out to the public!”

1. Liddy’s Chemo Kit Project

Lidiana Todoroff knows the pain of being close to someone suffering from cancer – her mother would always dread going to 6-hour chemotherapy appointments without anything to do.

That’s why Liddy, who happens to be a musician in Bend, Oregon, plays in a chamber ensemble in order to raise money for “chemo kits” – small boxes filled with fun things to do while undergoing chemotherapy.

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Though her mini-orchestra raised enough money for two chemo kits, Liddy had bigger aspirations. So she created a GoFundMe to pay for more chemo kits.

Thanks to Liddy, dozens of cancer patients might now be a little less sad while enduring treatment.

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