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Robyn Willson says she’ll always remember her mother’s cancer treatments as “something that we enjoyed.” That’s because she and her mother decided to make chemotherapy fun.

After learning that her mother had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, Robyn decided that the two of them would dress up in different costumes each time Carla had to go in for a chemotherapy treatment.

Robyn-Carla-Willson-screenshotFrom rubber noses to tutus to bumble bees, the dress-ups got her mom motivated. Robyn says the costumes worked like “throwing a switch” to completely change her mother’s attitude.

The mother and daughter dubbed their dress-up stunt “Operation Choose Joy.” They quit limiting it to just chemo treatments, and began exuding joy in bright colors on just about every outing they took together.

Robyn Willson-dress-up-with-mother-CBSvidCarla passed away May 29– and she was in costume.

Robyn says she knew cancer would take her mother one day, but it will never take the laugh-filled memories they made every time they played dress up.

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