boy helps 'Baby Brave' get heart surgeryA baby in Kenya needed life-saving heart surgery, but it would cost $23,000 and the family couldn’t afford it.

Enter a 5-year old Canadian boy from Waterloo who heard the story and marched to his bedroom to empty his piggy bank.

After seeing their boy Cameron’s heartfelt gesture, the parents decided that maybe they could help him inspire friends, family and strangers to kick in the extra funds needed to reach the goal.

So they set up a Facebook group, Help Cam Help Baby Brave, where the boy posted videos and stories to raise the final $5,000 needed for the baby.

Watch his father breaking the good news to Cameron in a video, shot to capture the moment… (posted below)

Compassion Canada, the group that originally set out to help the Kenyan family, was thrilled to receive the $5,000 handed over by the kindergarten student.

(WATCH the video at Toronto Globe and Mail or READ the story from The Record)

Thanks to Craig Withers for submitting the link!

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