letter confessing misdeed 60 yrs later-KLSvideo

An anonymous letter arrived at Helper Middle School in Utah last week that contained a confession.

“One warm spring day, as school was concluding, Mr. Iverson set down a box of sandpaper outside the shop door. He went back inside the building an dI absconded with the box.”

“Over the years, I knew (my) actions were immature and dishonest,” read the letter.

Inside the envelope, which had a St. Louis postmark and no return address, there was also a cashier’s check for $100 meant “as a replacement for the sandpaper.”

Principal Mika Salas told KSL news, “I just thought it was so neat.”

(WATCH the video below or READ the story from KSL) – Photo by KSL

Story submitted by Darryl

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