Street piano at Astor Place - by Tracy EdwardsYesterday marked the opening of the summer season of free concerts in NYC, and the arrival of 88 pianos — hand painted by local artists— on street corners and parks that allow anyone to play music, bringing the arts to all.

The fifth annual Make Music New York festival includes more than 1,000 free and public concerts in all five boroughs of The Big Apple.

The pianos will be available for playing through July 2, when the project organizer, Sing for Hope, will donate the 28 grand pianos and 60 uprights to local schools, hospitals, and community centers.

The second annual Sing for Hope street piano installment, which includes volunteers to cover the instruments when it rains, was inspired by British artist Luke Jerram, and is the world’s largest street piano installation to date, expected to reach over two million people.

A list of the piano locations is on Sing for Hope’s Web site.

Street piano at Astor Place – Photo by Tracy Edwards


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