food pantry shelfGabbie and Alice are second graders at the George J. Mitchell School in Waterville, Maine, a school that, based on the number of students receiving free or reduced lunch, is one of the poorest in the state.

Last year, the school, in an effort to prevent evening and weekend hunger among its students and their families, opened a no-questions-asked food pantry IN the school.

Best friends Gabbie and Alice, wanting to help, so they decided to hold a joint 8th birthday party, and ask for donations to the food pantry, instead of gifts.

Their teacher, Mrs. Saulter, was so touched by their plans, that she secretly talked to the president of the Parent-Teacher Organization to see if they could help.

”These generous, selfless young ladies deserve our help,” said PTO President Jennifer Johnson, “and what better way to celebrate them than to make their wish come true on the largest possible scale?”

Johnson set up a fundraising page at GoFundMe, and helped the girls raise almost $1300 in just two days. That will pay 38 percent of the entire annual operating budget for the food pantry this year.

Children so easily can make a difference in this world, especially when they, “Turn eight, and donate.”

Thanks to Christianne Morgan for submitting the story!



  1. Thank you for sharing this awesome story! The girls have now raised just over $6000 on their way to their dream goal of $100,000, which would fund the pantry for 20 years! It has been amazing to see the connection and joy that has sparked from the actions of these fantastic kids. 🙂

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