94-year-old Alice Modine drives everywhere, and she isn’t afraid to drive in bad weather either – but on one particularly rainy day over the weekend, Modine could barely see through her windshield.

The rain was coming down so hard in Boca Raton, Florida, she decided to pull over and wait for the weather to clear up.

As she slowly pulled her car over to wait out the storm, she suddenly noticed that her car had started filling up with water. She had unknowingly driven her car into a lake, and the vehicle was flooding fast.

“I tried to move the car forward and back nothing worked. I tried to pull down the windows they didn’t work, I tried to open the doors, nothing worked,” Modine told WPTV. “So I thought to myself this has happened before, not to me, but to other people and I may stay in the car forever. I’ve lived a good life, I’ve had a very happy life up to now. It just may be the end of it. I didn’t panic. I didn’t feel upset.”

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As Modine was making her peace with the afterlife, however, the car door was suddenly forced open and she saw a young, “good-looking” man in his 30s.

The man pulled her to safety onto the grass and then asked her if she had anything in the car that she needed. When Modine said that she’d like to have her purse and the papers for the car, the man went right back into the vehicle to fetch all the valuables.

Modine hopes that telling her story to WPTV will help her find the mysterious hero so she can properly thank him for saving her life.

(WATCH the video below)

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