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Another Chick-fil-A Worker Turns into Good Samaritan, Going Above and Beyond For WW II Veteran

A Chick-fil-A worker in Maryland went ‘above and beyond’ for a WW II veteran, changing his tire outside in a ‘beautiful’ act of kindness caught on camera.

Watch Chick-Fil-A Worker Jump Out of Drive Thru Window to Free Choking Boy From Tangled Seatbelt

A young Chick-Fil-A employee managed to use his pocketknife to free a choking boy who had gotten tangled in his seatbelt.

Chick-Fil-A Opened On a Sunday in Order to Grant the Birthday Wish of a Boy With Special Needs

Even though Chick-Fil-A is always closed on Sundays, this restaurant opened their doors in order to grant a 14-year-old boy's birthday wish.

Grandparents Get Jet Ski Rescue After Calling Chick-Fil-A For Help

Chick-Fil-A does not just prepare toasty chicken sandwiches – they can also reportedly serve up their meals by rescue boat when conditions get dicey. An...

Customer Admires Chick-fil-A Employee So Much, He Built Him a New Home

Bryan Smith so admired Shakeel's sunny disposition despite illness, that he gave him the ultimate gift: a new home for his family.

Chick-Fil-A Employees Step in When Kids Won’t Play With Disabled Boy

These Chick-Fil-A workers weren't about to let Caleb Merriken use the force by himself just because the other kids were mean to him.

Chick-Fil-A Manager Offers Blessings to Drifter, Diners Feel it Too

When a drifter wandered into a fast food restaurant asking for any food they might be tossing out, the manager refused to give him scraps...

Chick-fil-A Owner Stuns Employees, Pays Them During 5 Month Shutdown

The owner of a fast food restaurant in Austin, Texas shocked his 50 employees by paying their full salaries during a five-month period when the business...

One Chick-fil-A Owner Is Donating 200 Sandwiches to Iowa Pride Event

Revelers at the Iowa City Pride fest this year will be eating chicken and fries donated by a local owner of the fast food...

A Chick-fil-A Owner’s Act of Kindness On a Cold Night

A photo of a man in need getting some help at a Chick-fil-A restaurant alongside a highway in Birmingham, Alabama is inspiring viewers far...

Kirk Cameron Works the Chick-fil-A Drive Thru (Video)

[vimeo 111527136 w=500 h=281] Actor Kirk Cameron fulfills a lifelong dream of working the drive thru at Chick-Fil-A. (From Rob Dempsey in the morning,

Man Pays $1,000 to Feed Drive-thru Customers at Texas Chick-Fil-A

The Monday evening rush was hectic at the south side Chick-Fil-A, but then something happened – a man donated $1,000 and told employees he...

Chick-fil-A to Serve Antibiotic-free Chicken

Chick-fil-A announced in February the company's plan to serve chicken raised without antibiotics in all the chain's restaurants nationwide within five years. Chick-fil-A consumer...
chick-fila manager in snow-Lauren Dango-on-FB

Home Depot, Chick-Fil-A and Others Open Doors to Snow-Stranded Drivers

It only took a few inches of snow to leave thousands of drivers stranded across the South, as inaccurate weather predictions and lack of...

People Are Praising Young Man After He Was Spotted Running After Customer’s Car With Their Order

After hurrying over to the customer's car, the 19-year-old says that he did indeed tell them that “it was his pleasure.”

When Teen Despairs Over Finding Prom Date, Manager Gets Creative With Their Restaurant Sign

This senior student has been desperately searching for a prom date – and thanks to his good-natured manager, he might still be able to find one in time for the big day.

Hilarious Video Shows Boy Crawling Under Bathroom Stall to Ask Stranger For Help

The image of an adorably outgoing 4-year-old is going viral after a video was uploaded to Twitter showing him crawling under a bathroom stall...

Check Out the 10 Most Amazing Acts of Kindness on GNN For World Kindness Day

Here are your 10 favorite stories of kindness from 2017, with everything from acts of celebrity compassion to sheltering dozens of stray dogs from the snow.

Pizza Hut Workers Use Kayaks to Deliver Free Pies During Disaster

We have already heard about dozens of relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Harvey – but this story sets a new bar for...

Watch Hearing-impaired Coworker Surprised by Special Birthday Song

These Chick-fil-A employees weren't about to let a language barrier get in the way of wishing their coworker a happy birthday. The staff of a...