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British Columbia to Ban Grizzly Bear Trophy Hunting

Starting on November 30th, grizzly bear trophy hunting will be banned in the Canadian province of British Columbia. “This action is supported by the vast majority...
solar array federal lands

Something New Under the Sun in British Columbia on a Former Mine

The economic future of the city of Kimberley in southeast British Columbia will soon be much brighter due to the $5.3 million SunMine solar...
elk in Yellowstone

100 Years Later Wild Elk Return to Lower British Columbia

Roosevelt elk are back in the Lower Mainland after an absence of a hundred years. The huge elk subspecies was hunted out of southwestern...

British Columbia Protects Forests to Save Caribou

In an effort to save a dwindling and endangered population of mountain caribou, the British Columbia government is making hundreds of thousands of acres...
Wapiti, elk

Elk Return to British Columbia

Elk are alive and well in the Lower Mainland of BC for the first time in a century, following the transplanting of two separate...
1100-pound sturgeon caught

Massive 1100-Pound Sturgeon Reeled in by British Tourist in Canada

Michael and Margaret Snell of Salsbury, England came to British Columbia for a fishing adventure and, boy, did they find one. On their first...

For the First Time Ever, Canadians Use Crowdfunding to Buy Up Land For New Protected Public Park

Over the course of a few short months, Canadians have managed to raise more than $3 million to protect a swath of breathtaking British Columbian wilderness.

This Hiker Credits Metallica for Saving Her and Her Dog From Hungry Cougar

When this woman had a close encounter with a cougar in the Canadian wilderness, she says that she was saved by a particularly gnarly Metallica song.

Canadian Supermarket Proves a Little Humor Can Go a Long Way to Help Save Ourselves From Plastic Bags 

The Canadian supermarket came up with an amusing (and some might say devious) strategy to encourage their customers to avoid using the store’s “single-use” bags.

Conservationists Purchase Rare Temperate Rainforest, Protecting the Habitats of 40 At-Risk Species in Canada

The Nature Conservancy of Canada has just purchased to protection from development a tract of rare temperate rainforest, found almost nowhere else on Earth.

Good News in History, June 25

Happy Birthday to Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who turns 65 years old today. Born to a poor Puerto Rican family living in the Bronx housing...

Not Only Does Music Make Exercise Mentally Easier; It Also Makes It Easier for the Body, Says New Study

This intriguing new study says that upbeat music helps our bodies to physicallly benefit from high-intensity exercise as well as mentally.

Blood Types May Soon Be Indifferent As Scientists Use Our Gut Bacteria to Make ‘Universal’ Blood Type

Scientists have discovered the key to unlocking a “universal” blood type after identifying a unique kind of bacteria in our gut biome.

After 12 Years of Waving to Students From Her Window, Watch Her Reaction to 400 Kids Saying Goodbye

This 88-year-old woman is finally retiring from her daytime hobby of waving to local youngsters – so the kids made sure to give her a proper sendoff.

Police Are ‘Happily Surprised’ to Report Zero Roadside Busts for Drunk Driving On New Year’s Eve

Contrary to what you might expect, the police officers of this major city were delighted to report that none of the drivers they breathalyzed...

Woman Collected Thousands of Christmas Cards From Strangers to Place on Homeless People’s Pillows

This Canadian woman has spent the last few months ensuring that thousands of people know that they have not been forgotten this holiday season.

Newly-Discovered Cave Big Enough to Fit the Statue of Liberty Proves the World is Still a Wondrous Place

A “honking big” cave has been discovered tucked away in the rugged Canadian landscape – and geologists are in awe of its magnitude. The cave,...

‘Never seen anything like it’: Watch Ferry Passenger’s Stunning Footage of 200 Frolicking Dolphins

The passenger says that he has made the ferry trip hundreds of times, but he has never seen anything like this before.

Stuck in Airport for 7 Months, Refugee is Finally Given a Home Half a World Away Thanks to Canadian Stranger

After being forced to live in an airport for seven months, this man was finally given a home thanks to a Canadian woman who saw his Twitter videos.

Instead of Canceling Flights, Canadian Couple Spends Vacation Helping California Wildfire Victims

Not only did they fly to California for their trip, they also spent all of their vacation money on helping the wildfire victims.