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170 Foxes Are Rescued From Fur Farm and Given New Home at a Buddhist Monastery

When the Buddhist monks heard that the foxes needed a new home, they were more than happy to welcome the homeless critters with open arms.

Buddhist Poker Player Donates All $600,000 of His Winnings to Charity

Despite how gambling is generally at odds with religion, this Buddhist poker player is making up for it by donating his winnings to charity.

Pope Francis Changes Schedule to Visit Sri Lankan Buddhist Temple

[youtube] Pope Francis became only the second pontiff to visit a Buddhist temple on Wednesday, changing his schedule at the last minute to pay...
paint stripper

Buddhist Chemist Invents Non-Toxic Paint Stripper

A Buddhist chemist quietly plying his trade in B.C.’s Fraser Valley may be on the verge of curing one of ­humanity’s most poisonous ­practices...
Meditation in Trafalgar Square w Thich Nhat Hanh-2011

Famous Buddhist Monk to Lead Open Meditation for Peace in London’s Trafalgar Square

Wake Up London is becoming well-known for organizing meditation flash mobs in Central London every month. The group of young practitioners follow Thich Nhat...

Good Karma: Buddhists Liberate 500 Lobsters Destined for Dinner Plates

In celebration of a holiday commemorating the Buddha's call for compassion and kindness, a group of Tibetan Buddhists purchased 535 live lobsters at a...
meditation rock

Buddhist Monk Rescuing Nature in South Korea

Displaying an iron will that vexed the bureaucrats, the 5-foot-tall, 90-pound monk waged a one-woman battle that included dozens of sit-ins and hunger...

Buddhist Leader Promotes Secular Ethics as MIT Opens the Dalai Lama Center

On the campus of the country's premier scientific university, the world's best-known Buddhist leader Thursday called on educators to teach ethics and compassion without...

Buddhists Coexist with Tigers at Sanctuary

A remarkable monastery in Thailand cares for wild animals which are being squeezed off their land by too much development.  A video shows tigers...

When Man Got Sick of Trash and Crime, He Bought Buddha Statue for the Street—and Transformed the Neighborhood

Over the course of the last two decades, the “Buddha of Oakland” has completely transformed the Oakland, California neighborhood.

Good News in History, July 6

25 years ago today, Forrest Gump, directed by Robert Zemeckis and starring Tom Hanks, Robin Wright, and Gary Sinise, was released in US theaters....

17 Years After Being Declared Extinct in the Wild, Turtle Species is Saved by Caretakers of Hindu Temple

An endangered turtle species has been given a second chance at survival thanks to the caretakers of a centuries-old Hindu temple.

After Nuns and Millennials Discover They’re ‘Soul Mates’, They Work and Live Together to Change the World

Catholic women and spiritually-oriented millennials from all over the US are looking to each other as an unlikely new source of community and inspiration.

Woman Quits Successful City Career So She Can Live in the Woods With Over 100 Rescued Animals

Even though she had been enjoying a successful career as a wedding photographer, Daria Pushkareva had always longed for something more.

India Gets Its First Ever Hospital for Abused Elephants – and They’ve Already Treated Dozens

Since opening their doors four months ago, this elephant hospital has rescued and treated 26 pachyderms from abusive conditions.

Good Samaritans Save Drowning Animal From Frozen River Only to Discover It Was a Wild Wolf

Though these construction workers had suspicions of this animal's true nature, they did not hesitate to come to its rescue when it was in distress.

Thousands Are Rejoicing Over Photos of a Chubby Rat’s Rescue From a Manhole Cover

It took a crew of eight German firefighters and an animal rescue expert in order to save this rotund rodent from her plight.

Not Seen for 100 Years, This Galápagos Tortoise Was Considered to Be Extinct – Until Now

These massive reptiles have not been seen on the Galápagos Islands since 1906 – but thanks to a recent expedition, there may still be hope for the species.

They Set Up Emergency Shelter Near Wildfire Disaster Zone and Took in Dozens of Wandering Cats

This rescue group has spent the last two months rescuing cats lost in the Camp Fire evacuation and reuniting them with their distressed families.

Park Rangers Delighted to Find Elephant Seals Reclaimed Beach During Government Shutdown

As a result of the US government shutdown, the absence of human activity at Point Reyes has actually helped the formerly endangered elephant seal.