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Nova Scotia Becomes 1st Province to Ban Cat Declawing

The practice has already been banned in over 20 countries – and now, Nova Scotia has become the first Canadian province to take a stance.
fossil found in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Man Makes Significant Fossil Find While Walking Dog Along Beach

A Nova Scotia man out for a casual beach stroll has stumbled upon what's being described as one of the most significant fossil discoveries...

Good News in History, July 3

200 years ago today, the Bank for Savings in the City of New York opened its doors as the first savings bank in the...

Good News in History, June 21

Happy 75th Birthday to The Kinks co-founder and frontman Ray Davies. Regarded as one of the most influential British songwriters, Davies wrote the 1964...

Canadian Man Who Filled in Pesky Potholes Has Been Tipped in Coffee, Cannabis, and Cash

Despite being discouraged by local authorities, this man has been applauded for filling in some particularly nasty potholes in his hometown.

Daughter is Overwhelmed by Internet’s Response to Her Request for Grieving Father’s Birthday

When a woman asked for help from the internet, she was shocked by how thousands of social media users rose to the challenge.

Instead of Families Having to Drive 2 Hours, This Mosque Inside a Church Brings People Together

These families no longer have to worry about making the 2-hour car ride to their nearest mosque because their local church welcomed them in instead.

Guy Pilots Great Pumpkin Across the Boston Harbor

This adventurer dove into the autumnal spirit this weekend when he piloted a 520-pound pumpkin across the Boston Harbor.

Bikers Escort Bullied 10-Year-old Boy to School With Dignity

These tough-looking bikers walked a 4th grader to school on Wednesday in a fierce display of anti-bullying.

Teacher Given $1Mil Prize For Life-changing Work in Isolated Arctic Community

Canadian middle and high school teacher Maggie MacDonnell beat out thousands of applicants for the world's best teacher prize this week thanks to her...

10 Undeniably Good Things That Happened in 2016

People can gripe about 2016 all they want but these events and developments from throughout the last year are undeniably great.

Black Rights Activist to be One of First Women on Canadian Dollar Bill

With the exception of Queen Elizabeth II on the $20 note, Viola Desmond will be the first woman on a Canadian bill starting in 2018.

The ‘Extraordinary’ Moment When a Teen Worker Agreed to Dance With Elderly Customer (WATCH)

The owner of a gas station in Canada says he is “blessed with a team that ‘saves the world from the ordinary’ every day,”...

Kids Wrap Lamp Poles With Free Coats to Keep Homeless People Warm

These gifts will do more than just warm the heart — they will warm the hands, ears and bodies of folks who are living...

Store Owner Starts K-Cup Recycling Program, Gives Jobs to Disabled

A Canadian furniture store owner woke up one morning and smelled the coffee. He realized his company has truck routes that could help recycle wasteful...

Four Athletes Who Totally Crushed It At The 2015 Special Olympic Games

As closing ceremonies commence, we’d like to be able to shine a spotlight on all 6,500 Special Olympics competitor—but these four inspiring individuals stood...

Canadian Company Will Make Student Loan Payments for New Hires

With graduation in full swing, many young adults are getting ready to head into the ‘real’ world to seek out jobs that can help...

Toronto Man Finds Woman With Ex-Girlfriend’s Name for Free Trip Around World

A Toronto man looking for a travel partner with the same name as his ex-girlfriend has finally found his match. "After making headlines a month...

Good Deed by Singer, Shania Twain Makes Fan’s Dream Come True

A 34-year-old Halifax woman with Down Syndrome had a dream come true Saturday when, with the help of her parents, the Guardian newspaper of...

Mary! Your Message in a Bottle has Arrived…28 years Later

A Canadian man's message in a bottle -- a promise made 28 years ago to write to a woman named Mary -- has been...