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Hiring the homeless to hold signs-kdvrvideo

A Win-Win: Realtor Hires Panhandler to Hold a Different Sign

A Denver businessman devised a new way to help the homeless, after his car ran out of gas on the corner where a lonely...

Brilliant: Guess What Happens When This Van Pulls up to Panhandlers

[vimeo 146947306 w=640 h=360]   Instead of spare change, roadside panhandlers in Albuquerque, New Mexico will be getting $9 an hour, if they want a job...

Panhandler Thanks Community After Securing a Job

No matter this man's back story, we just loved this photo On Christmas Eve in Worcester, Massachusetts, Thomas Joseph Bennett told a reporter "I just...
reverse panhandline

Man with Cardboard Sign Gives Away Cash on Freeway Exit

Rob Brezsny, the mirthful author and lecturer, stands on a highway exit ramp handing out cash calling it, "reverse panhandling." His latest book is Pronoia...

After 40 Years, Homeless Man Will Get His Degree Debt-Free Thanks to One Student and Anonymous Alumni

More than four decades after he was forced to drop out, this 65-year-old homeless man will finally be able to finish his degree in studio arts.

Deputy’s Act of Kindness Leads Homeless Man to Family He Never Knew He Had –WATCH

Michael was a panhandling homeless man who thought he was all alone in the world. Then, a deputy's random act of kindness led him to a loving family he never knew he had. (WATCH)

Watch Man Dressed in Rags Giving Cash to Dozens of Startled Drivers

Every driver has seen a panhandler asking for donations from the window of a car – but not many have been offered money by a panhandler...

This Man Strums Next to New York’s Homeless So They Earn More Money

Because of the stigma surrounding the homeless community asking for money, Chris Leamy sits right down next to them and plays tunes on his guitar to help.
blankets stacked on bench-FB-Danika Oriol-Morway

DC Workers Pick Up Blankets for the Homeless and Launder – Photo Goes Viral

This photo of neatly folded and laundered blankets left on a park bench became the most popular story ever posted by the Good News...