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It all started when Chris Leamy was walking out of the subway with his guitar case and a homeless woman pointed at it, remarking “This would be easier if I had one of those.”

Panhandlers always make a lot more money if they have an instrument, but what if they can’t afford one?

That’s why Chris has been playing his guitar next to homeless people around New York City for almost two years.

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His hashtag #HePlaysForMe helps raise money for the homeless community as he plays: if he makes $15 for a homeless person, they get to keep all the money while Chris matches it by paying $15 to the Bowery Mission Homeless Shelter and asking his followers to do the same.

The musician has already raised well over $6,000 for New York’s homeless since last year.

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One of his friends in poverty, Miguel Correa, is one of Chris’s luckiest benefactors: since the man made an appearance in a Now This video alongside the guitar player, a donation page was set up to get Miguel off the streets.

The goal was set at only $500 – which was enough for new clothes from Goodwill, food, a savings account, and two months rent for an apartment in the Bronx. Any money donated over the specified sum would buy meals for the Bowery Mission homeless shelter.

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Not only did the page make enough money for Miguel to get back on his feet again, it also bought 1,257 meals for the homeless community.

Miguel now has a job at Dairy Queen and Chris has been signed by Sony for a record deal while he continues playing for New York’s homeless.

(WATCH the video below)


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