Hiring the homeless to hold signs-kdvrvideoA Denver businessman devised a new way to help the homeless, after his car ran out of gas on the corner where a lonely man daily holds a sign that says, ‘Homeless, Cold, and Hungry’. The man dropped his sign and helped push the car out of the intersection.

Chris Rezac holds a different sign today, one that advertises realtor Joe Manzaneres’s business, and his life has changed because of the new and guaranteed income. Not only that, the realtor has helped him get new clothes, a cell phone, a bus pass and a resume.

“It literally is kind of like a sponsorship,” Manzanares told KDVR-TV. “I want to try and help him find a job.”

Rezac, who says he is a certified welder and fork lift driver, calls this the break he’s been begging for.

Manzanares is now working with the Mayor’s office and city homeless coalition to help spread the idea to more realtors. “I hope every small business does this.”

(WATCH the video below or READ the full story from KDVR)

Thanks to Joel Arellano for submitting the link on our Facebook Page!

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