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Star Wars-Inspired Bionic Hand Allows Amputee to Play the Piano For First Time in 5 Years

The force is strong with this one – or at least, it is strong in his bionic arm. Jason Barnes has not been able to...

Disneyland Has New Photos of Epic Star Wars Land Set to Open in 2019

That's no moon – it's a new Star Wars-inspired theme park. Sci-fi lovers everywhere are geeking out over the new concept photos of Disney's new...

Watch Star Wars Fans Pay Tribute to Carrie Fisher With Light Saber Vigil

Once the beloved actress who played Princess Leia passed away from a heart attack, fans paid tribute to her in the only way they saw fit.

Star Wars Composer Surprises Young Musicians on His Lawn (WATCH)

Everyone living in galaxies near and far have memorized the sounds of the beloved Star Wars theme. That’s why 13-year-old musicians Bryce Hayashi and Michael...

Watch Developmentally Shy Student Get Star Wars Promposal: Best Day Ever!

There's a new hope for the cutest couple at Lawrence North High School's prom this year.

Too Cute: John Boyega and Tiny Cancer Patient Wage Star Wars Gift Run

The force was strong with this tiny compassionate John Boyega fan, so he got the treat of a lifetime from his stormtrooper hero.

Principal Surprises Student With Star Wars Squad and New 3D Arm (WATCH)

This armless 2nd grader was given a new hope for dexterity when Darth Vader and company came to his school delivering a new 3D-printed prosthetic.

Star Wars Director Grants Dying Man’s Wish, Just In Time (WATCH)

The Force was strong for Daniel Fleetwood. The Star Wars fan with terminal cancer wanted to see the latest sequel in the movie series...

Dying Man’s Wish for Sneak Peek at New Star Wars Film Gains New Hope

#forcefordaniel help my man get his last wish, to see a screening of Star Wars before cancer takes him. @bad_robot— Ashley Fleetwood (@pandorashley)...

John Williams (Star Wars) is First Composer Honored With AFI Lifetime Achievement Award

For the first time in AFI history, America’s highest honor for a career in film will be bestowed upon a composer–John Williams, who has...

The Force is Strong in This Village: Star Wars Images Grown in Rice Paddy

Star Wars fans have created fan art through countless mediums. Rice paddies, however, are definitely a first. For decades, rice farmers in Inakadate Village in Japan...

Teen Celebrated for Building Star Wars Fighter Jet Around His Wheelchair

13-year-old Matthew Tillyer, who’s been paralyzed for two years due to complications from pneumonia, recently won first place for turning his wheelchair into a Star Wars...

7-yo Star Wars Fan Asks George Lucas If Jedis Can Marry, Gets Great Answer

A seven-year-old super fan of the Star Wars saga was concerned about the "no marriage" rule for Jedis, so he sent a letter to...
wedding party chased by Snowwalkers

Another Wedding Party Runs to Camera – This Time From Star Wars Scene

Remember the World's Best Wedding Photo we saw last month that had dinosaurs in the background? Another creative wedding photographer, this time in Toronto,...
Star Wars stamps

Postage Stamps Honor 30th Anniversary Of Star Wars

Luke Skywalker, Yoda, Darth Vader and, of course, R2-D2 are among the Star Wars characters debuting on 15 new postage stamps unveiled this week...

Mark Hamill Gets Chewbacca Hug From Harrison Ford, and a Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Hollywood's Walk of Fame has finally been graced with the addition of the Jedi Master himself: Mark Hamill.

Be a Star at Thanksgiving: 8 Awe-Inspiring Stories to Bring to the Party

Need some conversation starters to steer away from politics or Aunt Millie’s surgery during your family gatherings? Here are eight compelling and funny stories...
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Beautiful Surf Attracts Many, Now That Angolan Wars are Over

The restoration of peace in 2002 has turned oil-rich Angola into one of the world's fastest growing economies and opened a new frontier for...

Good News in History, August 2

150 years ago today, Japan abolished its Samurai class system. Under the massive reforms of the Meiji Restoration (meiji means “enlightened rule”), all feudal...

Robotic Arm Named After Luke Skywalker Enables Amputee to Touch and Feel Again: ‘It almost put me to tears’

After 17 years, this amputee was finally able to feel his wife's hand in his own thanks to a new mind-controlled robotic arm with a sensory system..