C-3P0 R2D2 rice paddy screenshot YouTube

Star Wars fans have created fan art through countless mediums. Rice paddies, however, are definitely a first.

For decades, rice farmers in Inakadate Village in Japan have been creating images using their rice plants, and their latest is a Star Wars tribute featuring the two beloved droids from the films.

Star Wars rice paddy screenshot YouTubeBy mapping out a design using computer software, they’ve been able to sow various types of rice with different colored leaves into patterns that form the likenesses of C-3P0 and R2-D2. The newest droid, a character set to debut in a film to be released this year, is also represented.

The crop looks normal from the ground, but creates a mural when seen from above.

YouTube user juzji shot the video below from an observation tower above the rice field. If you look closely at the top image, you’ll see cars on the highway above R2’s head, giving you an idea of how big this rice art is.letter to george lucas-jedi-marriage

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The tradition started after road construction through the village in 1981. Archeologists found some of the rice paddies in the path of the road were 2,000 years old which impressed villagers and inspired them to start the rice paddy art projects to celebrate their heritage.

(WATCH the video and READ more at Mental Floss) — Photo: juzji, YouTube

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