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13-year-old Matthew Tillyer, who’s been paralyzed for two years due to complications from pneumonia, recently won first place for turning his wheelchair into a Star Wars TIE Fighter for a costume contest in California.

The young fan’s Twin Ion Engine replica also won the admiration of from the 501st Legion, a global Star Wars costuming group.

Matthew, however, was missing a pilot’s uniform, and word of that quickly spread across the Empire. Thankfully, a team of 501st members collected armor and parts to make the costume and surprised him with it last weekend.storm trooper arm presented as prosthetic-AugustChronicleVideo

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“At first I thought there was just some 501st event going on,” Matthew told Huffington Post. “I was speechless with excitement. I was screaming on the inside but couldn’t say anything.”

TIE fighter wheelchair with star wars-PrayersForMatthewTillyer-FBMatthew was also presented with an honorary TIE pilot certificate and a special patch for his uniform, and the group raised $1,500 to help cover his medical expenses.

A YouCaring page has been set up to raise funds for his treatments, and a Facebook page for Matthew includes photos from the surprise and words of encouragement from fellow Star Wars fans.

(WATCH video below or READ more at Huffington Post) – Photo: Prayers For Matthew Tillyer Facebook

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