Photo by Clarita at morguefile.comAs a social studies teacher in a Boston public high school for 14 years, Stephen Banno has developed a curriculum called the “Love Course,” that present “ancient cultural wisdoms coupled with the latest discoveries in modern science to address issues concerning love in our contemporary lives.”

The class focuses on personal happiness, good relationships, how to flourish with others, friendship, marriage, the love of the environment, altruism, agapic love, and “random acts of kindness.”

Students have reported that in small ways, they have transformed themselves, their friends, and the school around them.

(READ the story from Ode magazine)

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  1. After seeing the troubling Dan Rather documentary on the Detroit public school system , I saw a dramatically brighter publicity campaign about how the system is The Place to send your kids etc.. I hope this is founded in positive change similar to the article. As the granddaughter of a dual citizen who lived in Detroit most of her adult life, I would love to see more on this.

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