Despite spending the last seven years cooped up inside of an animal shelter, this sweet pup has finally been given a loving home thanks to a fateful encounter with a woman living on the other side of the country.

Brad the Australian cattle dog mix had been at the Oahu SPCA shelter in Hawaii for so long, the staffers were worried that he would be there forever.

He had been adopted several times before, but he was always brought back to the shelter once the people realized that they didn’t have the space to accommodate his boundless energy and nervous barking.

Brad finally experienced a stroke of luck earlier last year when Hannah, a young woman from Michigan, stopped by the shelter during a visit to Hawaii with her boyfriend.

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“While on a tour of the facility, she noticed a sad and rather plump boy (our Brad!)” wrote the shelter. “She asked if she could spend some time with him and that’s all it took – Hannah instantly fell in love with his sweet face!

“After hearing his story about how he has been with us for over 7 years and has been adopted out and returned a few times, she decided she couldn’t let him live at the shelter any longer.”

Hannah resolved to bring Brad all the way back to her farm in Michigan where he could have plenty of room to play and roam. Though she and her boyfriend offered to pay the transportation fees, the shelter started a GoFundMe page to raise money for the Brad’s airfare and travel expenses.

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Within days, the page reached its goal.

“While it makes his Oahu Ohana so sad to see him leave us, it also makes us SO HAPPY!” wrote the shelter.

“Their family owns a cabin in northern Michigan where Brad will spend his weekends hiking in the forest and chasing squirrels. Hannah knows of all Brad’s quirks and is fully prepared to do whatever it takes for him to have a happy and enjoyable life with them!”

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  1. Thank you, Hannah. So glad you gave Brad a forever home. I adopted a similar rescue dog and he’s a changed dog in just four months of patient training and lots of love and treats. The world needs more people like you!

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