doctor walks 8 miles-in snow to do surgery

Many reports out of the southern U.S. this week hailed people who were performing kind deeds during the freak winter storm that paralyzed much of Alabama and the South. This story demonstrates how admirably some workers perform if others are depending on them.

A doctor, who was called suddenly to perform brain surgery during a life-threatening emergency, had only one option for transportation leaving the hospital where he was located, he had to walk. Up hills and (mostly falling) down hills, wearing only scrubs and slip on shoes, Dr. Zenko Hrynkiw trudged on through the wintery mix to the main road where traffic was at a dead stop in both directions.

After walking six miles he finally reached a passable roadway where a salesman picked him up to deliver him to Trinity Medical Center. He said it was miraculous the man hadn’t died before he arrived, but insisted that any good doctor would do the same thing.

(READ the story from NPRWATCH a press conference below)


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